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Strategic Housing Market Assessment

Sedgemoor Council has been working with other Somerset Authorities to update its evidence base on housing need in the District to inform the emerging Local Plan.

The purpose of the Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) is to develop a robust understanding of housing market dynamics, to provide an assessment of future needs for both market and affordable housing and the housing needs of different groups within the population. The National Planning Policy Framework requires Local Plans to meet the full objectively assessed needs for market and affordable housing in the housing market area. Having an up-to-date understanding is therefore key to ensuring we plan for the right scale and mix of housing, and the range of tenures, that are likely to be needed over the plan period. The Council has jointly commissioned SHMA work with Mendip, South Somerset and Taunton Deane. This Sedgemoor report covers housing need over the new Local Plan period from 2011-2032. Key findings are summaries below:

Overall housing need

The report is based on the most recent demographic forecasts including migration data and revised household projections, and it concludes that the objectively assessed need for new homes in Sedgemoor over the plan period is 644 per annum. This figure represents a significant increase on the current Core Strategy requirement of 505 dwellings per annum, although delivery over the last decade has been around 580 dwellings per year.

Affordable housing need

The SHMA identifies a net deficit of 298 affordable homes per annum in the period from 2011 to 2032. Additional analysis into the provision of different affordable housing products concludes that around 10-15% of housing should be of an intermediate tenure (e.g. shared ownership), with the remainder being social or affordable rented housing. Analysis of the 'need' for Starter Homes from both current and newly forming households identifies a potential need for 95 Starter Homes per year to (ca 15% of the overall need).

Housing Mix

Analysis in the report identifies a limited need for both one-bed and larger (4 + bed) properties in the open market housing sectors, whereby 70-80% of all homes should be two- and three-bed properties. However, there is a greater need for smaller properties identified in the affordable sector.

Additionally, the SHMA also identifies a need for specialist older persons' accommodation, around 77 units per annum.

The full report, as well as a summary document, can be downloaded below.

The Somerset wide report can also be downloaded below. This includes analysis for Mendip, Sedgemoor, South Somerset and Taunton Deane, covering the period from 2014-2039. It also includes an analysis regarding national space standards.

Housing Market Areas and Functional Economic Market Areas

In 2015 as the first stage of preparing a new SHMA Somerset Authorities refreshed its evidence base on Housing Market Areas and Functional Economic Areas.

pdf Sedgemoor Strategic Housing Market Assessment - September 2016 [2.56MB] pdf Sedgemoor Strategic Housing Market Assessment - Summary Document September 2016 [276.3KB] pdf Somerset Strategic Housing Market Assessment - October 2016 [3.74MB]