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Resorts and Beaches

Sedgemoor's resorts offer both residents and visitors the chance to enjoy all the benefits of Burnham-on-Sea, Berrow and Brean

The beaches at Burnham-on-Sea and Berrow are managed by Sedgemoor District Council and Berrow Beach holds the prestigious Seaside Award for 2016. The beach at Brean is managed by Brean Parish Council.

Bathing Water:

For more information on the work Sedgemoor District Council and partners are completing in relation to bathing water please visit: Bathing Water Quality or contact Litter Free Coast and Sea Somerset via: Litter Free Coast and Sea Somerset, call 02920 874 713, follow @LFSCSomerset or Twitter or litterfreesomerset on Facebook.

Litter Free Coast & Sea Somerset:

Litter Free Coast & Sea Somerset have produced a new guide to bathing water, dog access and signage at Burnham, Berrow and Brean beaches: pdf icon Bathing Water Quality information leaflet for Sedgemoor Beaches [1Mb]

Beach safety:

The extensive information and safety signage at both resorts are prepared and erected by Sedgemoor District Council in partnership with the RNLI. The risks at Burnham-on-Sea beach include falls from the Jetty, strong currents and the risk of soft mud. The presence of soft mud is also one of the main risks at Berrow beach, and visitors are warned not to venture out onto the mudflats at low tide. At low tide, never enter the water, or attempt to enter the water as sinking mud is present in this area and is extremely dangerous!

For more information on Beach Safety, please read the beach safety leaflet pdf icon Beach Safety [106kb].

Beach maps and further information are shown within the pdf icon Beach Signs Map Burnham Berrow 2014 [242kb]

In the event of an emergency, alert a lifeguard / beach warden or dial 999 and ask for the coastguard.

Beach Wardens and Lifeguards:

Sedgemoor District Council provides qualified Beach Wardens at Berrow and Burnham-on-Sea between Easter and September.

During the main summer months from early July to early September Sedgemoor District Council have engaged the RNLI to provide lifeguard services between 10:00am and 6:00pm every day at Burnham-on-Sea and Berrow beaches.

Visitors are reminded to always read the safety signs and follow all guidance from Beach Wardens and lifeguards. Parents should ensure that children are supervised at all times.

Burnham-on-Sea Beach and Jetty Permits:

Burnham-on-Sea is a traditional seaside 'town' resort with a wide and level Esplanade along the beach frontage which is great for families. RNLI Lifeguards monitor to the north of the Jetty during the peak summer period - early July to early September.

Burnham-on-Sea's bathing water has been classified as 'poor'. This means the level of harmful bacteria in the water can be high and beach visitors are advised not to swim at Burnham-on-Sea beach. Berrow and Brean beaches can be visited for swimming and paddling.

Burnham Beach also has a launching facility next to the Jetty for boat and water ski users. Permits can be purchased from the Beach Warden on the production of appropriate insurances and the payment of the correct fee. The Jetty fees are detailed in the Beach charges (pdf icon Scale of Charges 2016/17 [423kb] page 12, details the jetty fees).

Berrow Beach:

Berrow beaches bathing water has been classified as 'good' according to the new standards. 

Berrow Beach is rural in nature with sand dunes at the top of the beach. The beach at Berrow stretches for miles which is ideal for walking. There is access to the Berrow Dunes Local Nature Reserve from Berrow Beach. At Berrow Beach there is a Beach Warden service between Easter and September which is supplemented by RNLI Lifeguards between early July and early September. There is an old shipwreck visible at low water but beach users should be aware that mud is exposed as the tide recedes which is a major hazard.

Beach Car Parking charges are taken manually from the kiosk which is sited near to the coast road. These charges are shown on the Beach Charges ( pdf icon Scale of Charges 2016/17 [423kb] page 12, details Beaches).

Dog walking on Sedgemoor's beaches:

On Burnham-on-Sea beach, there are restrictions and bylaws in place for dogs on the beach. The restriction is dependent on which Burnham-on-Sea beach area you are using.

Dogs are permitted throughout the year on the beaches north of the sea wall at Maddocks Slade, Burnham-on-Sea and the beach at Berrow.

Please remember to clean up after your dog, it is an offence to allow your dog to foul and not clean up after. The Beach Wardens patrol these areas in addition to the Dog Wardens and authorised to issues Fixed Penalty Notices for dog fouling and littering

In summary the beach area and restrictions are below;

  • Beach area 1 - (between the Jetty and the Pavilion)- Dogs are banned all year round on the beach, jetty and Esplanade steps
  • Beach area 2 - (between the Jetty and the Yacht club) - Dogs are banned on the beach and Esplanade steps from May to September each year. Outside of these dates dogs are permitted on this area of the beach.
  • Beach area 3 - (between the Pavilion and Maddocks Slade, north end of the sea wall) - Dogs are banned on beach and Esplanade step from May to September each year. Outside of these dates dogs are permitted on this area of the beach.



  • Guideline for Horse/pony owners on Beaches

    Sedgemoor District Council have issued some guidelines and safety points for people who wish to exercise horses and ponies on beaches within its area. The guidelines and safety points are for the safety of horse/pony riders and other members of the public.

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