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Corporate Properties

Information on council properties available for sale or rental can be found here. A retail report on vacant retail properties in Bridgwater is also available for download.


Double Unit in The Cornhill Market BridgwaterInformation available on request from Property Services

Town Team Vacancies (dated November 2016)

The retail vacancy list shows vacant properties within Bridgwater which is available to download below along with a related report.  These properties are not owned by Sedgemoor District Council  but are vacant and being offered for lease by various property agents. This report will be updated on a 4-8 week basis. Please contact the agent listed if you are interested in leasing a property.

For additional information on any Sedgemoor properties (those listed in the table above), please refer to related documents below and contacts to arrange viewings:

Town Team Vacancies [438.7KB] Town Team Report [123.53KB] Town Team Graph [207.41KB]