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Budget Consultation
Budget Consultation

Sedgemoor District Council wants you to have your say in how the Council should spend your Council Tax.

Take part in our Budget Consultation and you could win £100!


The procurement unit at Sedgemoor District Council is developing ways to buy goods and services we need in accordance with Best Value principles.

The Procurement Unit is looking to reassess the way goods are purchased or services delivered and consider all procurement options and approaches available. This may include aggregating the purchasing requirements to establish Council-wide contracts for common goods and services, standardising products, introducing on line purchasing where possible.

The Procurement Unit also advises on the methods most appropriate and relevant to the particular type of procurement including legislative requirements e.g. EU Directives and also compliance with the Council's own Contract Standing Orders.

How to do business with Sedgemoor District Council

Sedgemoor District Council seeks a diversity of supply solutions from all enterprise sectors. It is recognised that the services, construction works and supplies provided by the Council have a significant impact on the quality of life for the community. It is vital that these services are delivered to a high standard. Procurement is the process of acquiring goods, works and services from suppliers on behalf of the Council and the local community.

Procurement activities identify the option that offers the best value for money for the Council. It also provides a structure for engaging with and managing suppliers who want to do business with us.

Achieving best value for money forms the basis of all procurement decisions within Sedgemoor District Council.

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