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Planning Application Number: 24/14/00024

Parish/Town Council: East Brent

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Full Planning Permission
Land to the East of, Weston Road, East Brent, Highbridge
Erection of agricultural building and formation of access thereto
Case Officer:
Colin Arnold
Registered Date:
Mr Lester
Applicant Address:
Wayside Cottage Edithmead Highbridge Somerset TA9 4HA
Greenslade Taylor Hunt
Agent Address:
75-77 High Street Burnham-on-Sea Somerset TA8 1PE
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Not Applicable
Granted Permission
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 Conditions and Reasons
The development hereby permitted shall be begun before the expiration of three years from the date of this permission. Reason: In accordance with the provisions of Section 91 of the Town and Country Planning Act, 1990 ( as amended by Section 51 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004).
The development hereby permitted shall be carried out in accordance with the approved plans listed in schedule A. Reason: For the avoidance of doubt and in the interests of proper planning.
The building shall not be used for the intensive rearing of poultry or pigs without the prior written permission of the local planning authority. Reason: In order to safeguard local residents from excessive noise and odour.
Surface water drainage (land drainage) details, to include the method of dealing with the surface water from the proposed development (this includes roofs, road and impermeable driveways). Various methods can be used; soakaways, perforated pipe trench, SUDs. Tank design calculation details for the 1 in 30 year event, cross section details, sizes, location of the soakaway/perforated pipe trench/units, soil infiltration rates from percolation testing (soil infiltration rate testing and design of soakaway, calculation, in accordance with BRE Digest 365, CIRIA 156 / C697), photos of the percolation testing, evidence to support the check of the water table depth with the water table depth, shall be submitted to and approved by the local planning authority before development is commenced. Surface water is not permitted to runoff site onto 3rd party land or highway. The surface water drainage scheme shall be installed in accordance with the details so approved. Reason: To ensure that the development is served by an adequate system of surface water drainage (land drainage) without detriment to itself, adjoining properties or highway.
At the proposed access there shall be no obstruction to visibility greater than 900 millimetres above adjoining road level within the visibility splays shown on the submitted plan. (Drawing No. 3280-1 rev B) Such visibility splays shall be constructed prior to the commencement of the development hereby permitted and shall thereafter be maintained at all times. Reason: In the interests of highway safety.
The proposed access shall be constructed in accordance with details shown on the submitted plan, drawing number 3280-03. Once constructed the access shall be maintained thereafter in that condition at all times. Reason: In the interests of highway safety.
Any entrance gates erected shall be hung to open inwards, shall be set back a minimum distance of 10 metres from the carriageway edge and shall thereafter be maintained in that condition at all times. Reason: In the interests of highway safety.
The gradient of the proposed access shall not be steeper than 1 in 10. Once constructed the access shall thereafter be maintained in that condition at all times. Reason: In the interests of highway safety.
The existing access shall be stopped up and its use permanently abandoned within 3 months of the new access hereby permitted being first brought into use. Reason: In the interests of highway safety.
Any management to reduce the height of the existing hedgerow must be carried out between November and March inclusive.   Reason: To prevent harm to wildlife.