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Planning Application Number: 11/14/00084

Parish/Town Council: Burnham & Highbridge

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Monkton House, Walrow Road, Highbridge, TA9 4QY
Demolition of workshops, erection of detached granny annex
Case Officer:
Liam Evans
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Mr T Callaghan
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Monkton House Walrow Road Highbridge TA9 4QY
Shattock Associates
Agent Address:
1 Friarn Lawn Bridgwater Somerset TA6 3LL
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Not Applicable
Refuse Planning Permission
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 Conditions and Reasons
The site is within the open countryside, outside of any recognised settlement boundary and where residential development is strictly controlled and only permitted where a countryside location is essential. By virtue of its size, scale and level of accommodation the proposed annexe would be entirely self contained to the point that it is deemed to be tantamount to a new dwelling. There is no overriding need or justification for the building to be sited in its proposed location, which is considered to be unsustainable and would result in the occupants relying on private vehicular movements due to the site's remoteness from existing shops and services. The proposal is contrary to Policies S1, D5 and P6 of the Sedgemoor District Core Strategy.
The application site is located within Flood Zone 3, which is land at high risk from flooding. This zone comprises land, which has a 1% or greater annual probability of flooding from rivers or a 0.5% or greater annual probability of flooding from the sea. It has to be demonstrated that there are no suitable alternative sites within lower risk flood zones available that would be less suitable in planning terms. This is known as the Sequential Test. It has not been robustly demonstrated within the flood risk assessment, submitted as part of the application, that there is no alternative land reasonably available in a lower flood zone. As a result the Local Planning Authority (LPA) considers that there is sufficient land available within Sedgemoor in lower flood risk zones or on allocated/identified sites, that are more suitable in planning terms, to deliver an adequate supply of housing of the scale proposed and therefore it is not essential for the proposed development to be located in this high flood risk area, where the risk to people and property will be too great. The proposal therefore fails the Sequential Test as set out in the National Planning Policy Framework and Policy D1 of the Sedgemoor District Core Strategy. The Local Planning Authority (LPA) also considers that the development does not provide sufficient safeguarding measures to ensure that potential occupiers would be safe during a flooding event as the application proposes a single storey building with no areas of safe refuge. The development also fails to provide any wider sustainability benefits to the local area that would outweigh the flood risk. The proposal therefore fails the Exceptions Test as set out in the National Planning Policy Framework and reinforced by Policy D1 of the Sedgemoor District Core Strategy.