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Planning Application Number: 11/18/00127

Parish/Town Council: Burnham & Highbridge

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Full Planning Permission
Garage to the rear of, 35 College Street, Burnham On Sea, Somerset, TA8
Extension of existing garage to form a dwelling.
Case Officer:
Liam Evans
Registered Date:
Mr Clarke
Applicant Address:
Somewhere House 88 Berrow Road Burnham On Sea TA8 2EZ
Phil Reddish Design, 47 Jaycroft Road
Agent Address:
47 Jaycroft Road Burnham On Sea Somerset TA8 1LE
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Committee or Delegated:
Committee Date:
Not Applicable
Refuse Planning Permission
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 Conditions and Reasons
The proposed two storey, two bedroom dwelling would be situated on a site of limited size and positioned to the rear of existing properties with its primary access from Shearn Lane. By virtue of the restricted scale of the site, which will be wholly occupied by the dwelling, the proposal represents an overdevelopment of the site, which will not positively relfect the character of the surrounding area and will be of a height and scale which is inappropriate for its background location The two bedroom property will be substandard in terms of interior floorspace and would not provide any private outdoor amenity space. This would compromise the quality of life and will fail to fulfill the needs of future occupants, which would potentially include familes taking into account the number of bedrooms provided. The proposal would be contrary to Policy D2 of the Core Strategy and Policy D2 of the emerging Local Plan.
The proposed two storey building will be located on land that is immediately abutting an existing residential property. The erection of the proposed building would seriously compromise the residential amenity of the dwelling as it would severely reduce the light allowance into the only windows serving the internal accommodation as well as causing visual domination and compromising the limited external amenity space of this property. The proposed development is therefore contrary to policy D16 of the Core Strategy and Policy D26 of the emerging Local Plan as it will not preserve the residential amenity of the existing property within the immediate vicinity of the site.