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Flood recovery news:

On 5th February 2014 the Environment Agency issued two severe flood warnings - one for the Fordgate and Northmoor area and the second for the A361 from East Lyng to Burrowbridge. As of the 17th of March these were no longer in force.

For £5,000 Repair and Renewal Grant information and application forms (for residents and businesses) please visit: Repair and Renewal Grants (including application forms)

Fortnightly Flood Support and Information meetings reinstated: The Community Council for Somerset, starting on the 9th of July, will be hosting fortnightly meetings every other Wednesday between 06:00 and 08:00pm. Meeting dates are thus: 20th August, 3rd September, 17th September, 1st October, 15th October and 29th October. Meetings may extend beyond this date if there is a demand. 

These meetings will be held at North Petheron Bowling Club, Petherton Park, North Petherton (Junction 24 - Sedgemoor market exit).

Somerset Flood Action Plan: Monthly progress updates are available via:

Dredging updates from the Environment Agency (EA): You can find the weekly updates in full on the EA website at: A blog at is being used to share personal stories about the dredging work.

For the latest, and previous, multi-agency community updates please visit: As the recovery from flooding continues, new information about the support and help available is changing less and less. With that in mind, these Community Updates will be produced and distributed as and when they are needed. 

Moorland and Fordgate community hub is a space for residents to find information, chat, have some time out, meet organisations, ask questions, meet neighbours and have a cuppa. There is a main room with tea & coffee facilities and a meeting/quite room for one-to-one meetings with an on-site booking system. You can find grant information sheets, dates and times for the flood relief centre and information on the Somerset Village Agents working in your area. The cabin is outside the village hall.

The big clean-up: What did Sedgemoor do?

Sedgemoor District Councils Clean Surroundings team were out in force for several weeks to help clean, sweep and tidy up flooded areas in an effort to get them looking squeaky clean again.

Around 90,000 sandbags were cleared from the flood-affected areas by Sedgemoor District Council and its recovery partners. Sedgemoor staff worked really hard alongside other agencies and volunteers to remove all the sandbags, for example we removed over 2500 sand bags from just a small number of properties in East Lyng. Sandbag removal is an extremely time consuming and physical task and one that is not normally completed by local authorities after sandbags have been issued to households.

A two man crew operated almost continuously when the flood water subsided in Moorland and Fordgate. They cleared sand bags, flood debris, litter picking verges and assisted householders to dispose of damaged belongings and furniture etc. We also worked with staff from the Environment Agency and voluntary organisations to remove sand bags from isolated communities such as Chadmead and Athelney.

All of the roads closed due to flooding within Sedgemoor were mechanically swept and cleared within 48 hours of reopening

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