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Flooding Advice and Sandbag Policy

Flood warnings from the Environment Agency (EA)

The Environment Agency (EA) is responsible for issuing flood warnings. Flood warnings are issued to the Police, the Fire and Rescue Service, to the relevant local authorities and the general public.  There are three levels of Flood Warning with Severe being the most serious.

The public can call the EA Flood Line on 0845 988 1188 or visit the EA flood warning website (links are available at the bottom of this page) to obtain the latest situation in each area.

The Environment Agency has both national and regional Twitter accounts which provide timely and accurate information. The South West regional feed can be followed via @EnvAgencySW.

You can register to receive Environment Agency flood warnings via the link at the bottom of this page.

Sedgemoor District Council Sandbag Policy

General Information

Householders are responsible for protecting their own property from flooding and we strongly recommend that you make provision, in advance, against the risk of flooding especially if you live in a property, or area, that is known to flood.

Sandbag provision is a discretionary service which will be subject to availability of materials or resources which can often be stretched in times of emergency.   

Sandbag Policy

When flooding is expected, and where resources allow, Sedgemoor District Council will provide sandbags for residents to collect, free of charge from our depot. Proof of address is required to ensure limited stocks reach the most vulnerable areas. We regret that we cannot issue sandbags 'just in case', as the traditional bags deteriorate relatively quickly and may be unusable when the time comes to reply upon them.

The Council keep a limited stock of sandbags for residents to collect in order to protect external doors and air bricks that are at flood risk. Residents will be allowed a maximum of 6 sandbags per property. The Council is unable to provide sandbags to protect land, gardens, garages, drives or similar as this diverts resources away from protecting homes.

The responsibility for positioning the sandbags will lie with residents. Sandbags issued will become the responsibility of the resident for removal and disposal. The Council is unable to collect sandbags after use.

Residents wishing to collect sandbags, should contact Sedgemoor District Council on 0845 408 2540, to check when the depot is open for collections. The Council will keep the stock of sandbags at the Council depot at Colley Lane, Bridgwater, TA6 5LB.

The Council cannot guarantee the provision of sandbags beyond 3:00pm.

The Council will keep and maintain a record of properties that request sandbags.

Threat of Severe Flooding

During times of severe flooding where many properties are likely to be affected, and due to their location residents are unable to collect from our depot, sandbags may be deposited at a central point in the local area for resident collection. This is subject to staff resource being available. During times of emergency staff resource may be diverted to other activities.

Kite marked flood protection products should be strongly considered by residents if you live in a property, or area, that is known to flood. Sandbags are unlikely to be effective for prolonged periods or where there is severe flooding.

Supply of Sandbags for Businesses

Due to limited stock of sandbags, the council are unable to provide sandbags for business. Business are advised to contact local building merchants for a supply of sandbags and sand.

Alternative sources of Sandbags

Most local building merchants supply sandbags and sand. Residents are advised to take action before flooding is forecast as stock levels at building merchants reduce quickly once flood warnings have been issued.

Local sandbag suppliers can be found by contacting building merchants directly. Telephone numbers can be found in the local telephone directories and online.

Advisory tips for protecting your home and the use of Sandbags

Please see our 'How to use sandbags' document which is available for download below.

An additional document 'Easy ideas for fast protection' and advice for residents with septic tanks is also available for download below.

There is significant flood protection guidance on the Environment Agency and National Flood Forum websites. Please visit the links provided at the bottom of this page for more information. 

Flood Information from Sedgemoor District Council

Residents requiring flood-related support should contact Sedgemoor District Council on 0845 408 2546 , local rate 01278 435435 or email The Sedgemoor Direct contact centre operates Monday to Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm and is closed on bank holidays.

You can also visit our Reception in King Square, Bridgwater 08:45 to 05:00pm Monday to Friday.

An out of hours emergency telephone line is available for Sedgemoor residents. Please call 0800 917 6520.

Sedgemoor District Councils Twitter feed can be followed via @SedgemoorDC.

For the latest news and support information please visit Flooding news, information and support

Where there is an emergency or 'threat to life' please call 999.  For general advice from Avon and Somerset Police call 101.

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