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Bats and Wind Turbines

This report appraises the geographic area administered by Sedgemoor District Council for locating wind turbines in places where there would be minimal risk of bat mortality. The outcomes of the report can inform planning decisions on wind turbine applications and act as guidance to developers.

The report provides a strategic appraisal at district level and mapping showing where there is a high risk of collision to bats, thus indicates areas where wind turbines are likely to be unacceptable. Information is also given on potential mitigation and monitoring. The impact of micro turbines is also considered in the report.

Please note: This document is referenced in the Sedgemoor Core Strategy, but its content is now partially out of date and is in the process of being replaced (July 2013).  The replacement guidance will be for the whole of Somerset and will cover bats and birds; it is being prepared by Somerset County Council in association with Natural England and the RSPB.  The 2010 guidance is of limited relevance, and in particular the following sections are either partially or wholly out of date and should be ignored:

  • Chapter 1: paragraphs 1.1, 1.5, 1.7 and 1.8.
  • Chapter 2: paragraph 2.11, paragraphs 2.13 to 2.34
  • Chapter 3: All
  • Chapter 4: All including Map 2
  • Chapter 5: All
  • Appendix 1: References to green and lesser spotted woodpecker

To read the full report, please download the document below.

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