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Community & living

0300 303 7800
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The Care Centre

Sedgemoor Care Centre is manned 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year by highly trained and dedicated staff.

Our state of the art equipment means that we have all your details to hand when a call is received. We will know who you are, where you live and who to contact in an emergency.

In June 2001 Sedgemoor Care Centre became the first in the country to achieve full compliance with the Telecare Services Association (TSA). In March 2008, we gained further parts of the accreditation, being audited for:

  • Strategic Framework
  • Part One - Call Handling
  • Part Two - Installation
  • Part Three - Mobile Response

Call Answering Response Times

TSA target answering times for answering your calls are:

  • 99% of calls will be answered within 3 minutes
  • 98.5% of calls will be answered within 60 seconds

Sedgemoor Lifelines Code of Practice 

Here at Sedgemoor Lifeline we:

  1. Offer equal opportunities and fair treatment to all customers without discrimination on account of race, gender, disability, religion, age or sexual orientation.
  2. Recognise, respect and safeguard the individuality and personal rights of each customer.
  3. Understand and respect the confidentiality of knowledge and information relating to individual customers.
  4. Facilitate independence and the well-being of customers.
  5. Are sensitive and impartial in the delivery of services.
  6. Act always with honesty and integrity.
  7. Ensure that professional responsibility is never sacrificed for personal interest.
  8. Establish and maintain high standards of personal conduct and professional relationships.
  9. Acknowledge the need for continuing professional training and self-development.
  10. Understand the role of other service providers and significant people in the lives of customers and be committed to working effectively with them. 

which means we are a Centre of Excellence.


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