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Dunball Wharf

Port of Bridgwater

As Harbour Authority for the Sedgemoor area, Sedgemoor District Council is responsible for ensuring that the statutory conservancy, regulatory and pilotage functions for the Port of Bridgwater are carried out efficiently.

The tidal predictions, for the Port of Bridgwater, have been computed by the Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory: Copyright Reserved.

  • Facts on the Port of Bridgwater

    Facts and information on the Port of Bridgwater

  • Notices to Mariners

    Important 'Notices to Mariners' are issued by the Harbour Master for the Port of Bridgwater's area

  • Port management plans

    The Port of Bridgwater have produced a number of management plans. These range from oil spill contingency, to marine operations, to waste management.

  • Trade figures for the Port of Bridgwater

    Use of the Port has steadily increased over time. Trade figures are available from 1998 to the current year.

  • Port duties

    Pilotage is particularly important in the Port of Bridgwater because of the large tidal rise and fall, some 12 metres on a big spring tide, and the constant movement within the navigation channels.

  • Port of Bridgwater Scale of Charges

    Commercial operations that occur within the Port of Bridgwater area, are subject to various charges. The Scale of Charges are updated annually.

  • Bridgwater Bore - River Parrett

    The River Parrett experiences a small tidal wave, known as a Bore, that passes through Bridgwater, Somerset. Details of dates and time are available for viewing, below in the related Content.

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