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Waste & environment

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Waste & environment

  • Waste and recycling in Sedgemoor

    Information about waste and recycling collections (including bank holiday collections), reporting a missed collection, garden waste collections, household waste recycling centres and more.

  • Abandoned vehicles

    Abandoned vehicles can be reported to Sedgemoor District Council, or to the DVLA.

  • Environmental Health feedback form

    We would very much like to hear your views so that we can improve our Environmental Health services.

  • Environmental Health Online

    Environmental Health Online is a repository of all license types dealt with by Sedgemoor District Council, such as entertainment, alcohol, taxis, street trading, gambling, scrap metal and similar. In the future, this service will expand to include other Environmental Health functions such as pollution, houses of multiple occupancy, food establishment ratings and warnings.

  • Environmental issues

    Find guidance and information on coastal issues, pollution, flooding and land drainage.

  • Pest control

    The Pest Control Service at Sedgemoor District Council aims to guard against the diseases & damage caused by pests.

  • Public and private water supplies

    Water authorities are responsible for the public water supply. However there are properties where the water is drawn from a well, spring or borehole, these properties have private water supplies.

  • Sewers and drains

    Sewers and drains can be public or private. The responsibility of maintenance belongs to the water authority if they are public, or the owner of the property if they are private.

  • Radon

    Radon is a natural gas found in soil and rocks that has no colour, taste or smell. Levels of radon vary from country to country, region to region and even from house to house in the same street.

  • Street cleaning

    Clean Surrounding are responsible for keeping Sedgemoor clean. This includes litter picking, providing dog and litter bins, beach cleaning, the removal of dead animals from the highway, dog fouling, flyposting and fly tipping, graffiti removal and more.

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