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The Council

0845 408 2540
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The Council

  • Calendar of Council meetings and events in the Sedgemoor area

    A monthly calendar showing what's happening in the Sedgemoor area - Council meetings, events, exhibitions and more.

  • Councillors and Councils within Sedgemoor

    Find out about your local Council, as well as recent Reports, Agendas & Minutes (RAM).

  • Council Tax

    SINGLE PERSON DISCOUNT REVIEW In partnership with Liberata the Council have undertaken a Single Person Discount review using sophisticated data matching technology. Letters and forms are being sent to customers to verify their eligibility for the discount. The methods used do not infringe any data protection issues and there is a strict Data Sharing Protocol in place to protect customer information. If you have received a letter and form from Liberata please complete and return it for the discount to be determined. If you have any queries over this process please ring 0845 408 5327

  • Data Protection and Freedom of Information

    Sedgemoor District Council has a Data Protection Officer who can offer advice on what information the council holds and what details can be given out to members of the public.

  • Elections and voting

    Sedgemoor district Elections results and information, and details of any scheduled By Elections

  • Finance & revenues

    Council Tax and Business rates information, finance documents and more.

  • Fraud and corruption

    Sedgemoor District Council takes all forms of Fraudulent or corrupt behaviour, whether internal or external, very seriously.

  • Open Data

    Sedgemoor District Council's data library.

  • Legal & democratic services

    What do the legal and democratic services at Sedgemoor District Council do?

  • Sedgemoor District Council's Priorities and Performance

    Our new Corporate Strategy is structured around our core values - being a low Council Tax Authority which focuses on the customer.

  • Service Standards

    Service standards are statements of service. The standards for each service set out the level of service that a customer should expect from that service. For some of the measures are measurable and where there are measurable standards, performance is monitored on a quarterly basis.

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