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View Hinkley Point C Planning

Welcome to our Hinkley Point C planning page where you will find links to current applications relating to the project.

The Government has given permission for a new nuclear power station to be built at Hinkley Point and for the associated development that will be needed to assist with its construction.  This permission, known as a Development Consent Order (DCO), can be found on the National Infrastructure Planning website

There will be details about the way the construction and associated development are carried out which require approval from Sedgemoor District Council as the local planning authority. These are called 'requirements' and are similar to planning conditions.  

The Council will discharge the requirements and must consult a number of other statutory consultees in the process.

We do want to make sure that communities are aware of this process which is why they can be found below:  


Submissions located in Sedgemoor will appear here when available:


West Somerset

For submissions in West Somerset, please see West Somerset Council's web pages:

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