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Economic Development Strategy and Employment Land Review

Sedgemoor District Council have prepared an Economic Development Strategy and Employment Land Review for Sedgemoor. These set out the long term objectives and ambitions for Sedgemoor's economy and future requirements in terms of employment land supply.

The Economic Development Strategy can be found on the  Economic Development webpage

Employment Land Review

Following a previous call for sites and early Local Plan Review consultation Sedgemoor District Council has prepared an updated Employment Land Review for the area. 

This study undertakes an assessment to understand the requirements for land/floorspace to meet the economic developments needs of the District up to 2032.

The study has been undertaken to inform the production of the new Local Plan. The report should also be read alongside the Economic Development Strategy which describes Sedgemoor's socio-economic position and sets out a Growth Strategy to 2032, aligned with the new Local Plan timescales.

The final version of the Employment Land Review and associated maps are available below.

pdf Employment Land Review 2016 [1.91MB] pdf Employment Land Review Maps 2016 [9.59MB]