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Pest Control

Where to get help with a pest infestation

Councils do not have a duty to provide a pest control service but we can direct you to our preferred contractor SDK Environmental Ltd, trading as Dial-a-pest who can carry out pest control treatments at the subsidised rates below.

The service provided is for domestic premises and covers rats, mice and other pests including wasps, fleas and cockroaches, at competitive rates. To arrange an appointment please call SDK Environmental Ltd on the following number 03444 821342 or by visiting the SDK Environmental website.


The following charges will apply for treatments undertaken on domestic premises. Please be sure to read and accept the terms and conditions including those relating to appointment cancellations and preparations you may need to take before the pest controller undertakes a treatment at your property.

Household fees (including VAT)* for single family occupancy



Cost Benefits and Seniors (over 65)

Other information




The price includes an initial survey/treatment and three follow up visits.

Please see additional notes below 1




The price includes an initial survey/treatment and two follow up visits.

Please see additional notes below 1

Wasps (1 nest)



Other wasps nests treated during visit only £24.50 each

Please see additional notes below 2

Other insects such as carpet beetles, moths, flies, ants (excluding Pharaoh ants), fleas, cockroaches, bed bugs,





Price is for a maximum of 3 bedroom properties, additional rooms are charged at £17.50 per room

Please see additional notes below 3

Survey fee if no treatment carried out



Aborted visits - see charges below


Additional information - Rodent treatments 1

  1. Whilst a single treatment is normally successful occasionally an additional chargeable second course may be necessary
  2. Treatment areas cover a single dwelling & its immediate curtilage and excludes neighbouring properties and communal land or buildings
  3. Treatments are to control the pest and does not include building repairs and recommended private drainage inspection / works required
  4. Treatments in lofts will be refused if lofts are not boarded
  5. Properties over 4 bedrooms require a survey and quote
  6. Customer broken appointments form part of treatment total


Additional information - Wasp treatments 2

  1. For Environmental reasons we cannot treat bees
  2. We can normally treat nests up to a height of 6 metres
  3. If we are unable to treat for Environmental or Safety reason we offer a full refund
  4. If no nest is present or the problem is bees, we cannot provide a refund
  5. We do not remove nests once treated as there is no need
  6. Treatments in lofts will be refused if lofts are not boarded


Additional information - Insect treatments 3

  1. Our treatments are to eliminate or control insect pests at your property - this does not extend to communal areas or neighbouring properties
  2. Infestation levels vary widely and we reserve the right following a site survey, where appropriate, to recommend additional heavy infestation works - you are of course free to reject this
  3. You must prepare your property in accordance with the information we provide to you at time of booking you must and also comply with post treatment instructions for us to warrant our treatment
  4. If there is no one in when we call, or preparation works are incomplete and prevent an effective or safe treatment, our standard call out charge applies
  5. Where we are able to warrant our treatment, if we determine a second spray treatment is necessary, this will be provided free of charge
  6. Where spraying is carried out, you, your family and pets must for safety reasons vacate the property for 4 hours


* A 1.35% administration charge will be added for any payments made using a credit card or non UK debit card. You will be told the exact charge before you confirm your payment. There is no charge for payments made by UK debit card.


General advice on rats and mice

  • Spread of disease
    Rodents can carry many diseases that affect humans one of which is Weil's disease. It can be fatal following liver failure. The disease can be spread by contact with rats' urine and droppings. Care should be taken to avoid contact with the above and it is recommended to seek professional help.
  • They cause damage
    Rodents can gnaw through a multitude of substances from woodwork, pipe work and insulating materials through to items of stock. More seriously, gnawed electrical cables have been known to cause electrical fires with the consequence of loss of life, loss of stock, loss of productivity, or all of these.
  • They eat and contaminate our food
    Pests eat our food wherever it is grown, stored, manufactured, transported or sold. In addition they contaminate far more which then has to be discarded.
  • Their presence can contravene the Law
    The Food Safety Act 1990 and its Regulations require a food business to ensure that it is kept free from infestations and that the premises shall be pest proof. Evidence of an infestation of a food premise by rats, mice or insects is indicative of the condition of those premises and a major infestation may render the proprietor liable to prosecution.

When coupled with the fact that a pair of rats can reproduce 130 young per year, the above considerations suggest that pest problems must be dealt with quickly, professionally and effectively.

Sedgemoor District Councils Pollution Control Team will attempt to identify and provide advice on a pest, free of charge, if you can provide us with a specimen. Please contact us for more information. Some animals such as bats and badgers are protected so always seek professional advice if in doubt.

Further information

For further information please follow this link for Dial-a-Pest fact sheets:  SDK Environmental Pest Fact Sheets

What can I do if someone else is causing the infestation?

Everyone has a responsibility to keep their property free from rats and mice and other pests. You may believe that your infestation or problems are caused by someone else. For example they may have a large accumulation of waste that is attracting rats or they may be feeding the birds excessively or irresponsibly. Sometimes there is a drainage defect that allows rats up from the sewers and into homes.

If you wish to complain about another premises causing you an issue, please complete a Report a pest control problem form.