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Householder Application

Householder Applications are for small scale developments, including the extension of a residential property, erection of an outbuilding within a domestic garden or the formation of an access in association with a domestic residential use. (Not applicable to the subdivision of a house or the erection of new dwellings.)

The Householder Application for Works or Extension to a Dwelling form should be used for proposals to alter or enlarge a single house, including works within the curtilage (boundary/garden) of a house.

If you have established that you need planning permission you should use the Householder Application form for projects such as:

  • extensions
  • conservatories
  • loft conversions
  • dormer windows
  • alterations
  • garages, car ports or outbuildings
  • swimming pools
  • walls
  • fences
  • vehicular access including footway crossovers
  • porches
  • satellite dishes

The fee for a Householder Application is £206.

Application Form

Guidance Notes


Below is a brief checklist of the documents you should submit with your Householder application, for more information please see the Local Validation Checklist.

Application Form and Fee

  • Householder Application Form (completed form, signed and dated)
  • Fee (if applicable)

CIL Additional Information Forms

Required where the proposed development will involve the creation of 100m² or more floor space (including converted floor space).

Location Plan (existing)

  • Drawn to a scale of 1:1250 or 1:2500 and include a scale bar
  • Show the direction of North
  • Identifies the boundary of the property, including access to the highway, edged in red
  • Identifies any other land in the same ownership/control that is close to or adjacent to the application site edged in blue
  • Identify sufficient roads and/or buildings on land adjoining the application site to ensure that the exact location of the application site is clear

Block / Site Plan (existing and proposed)

  • Drawn to a scale of 1:500 or 1:200 and include a scale bar
  • Show the direction of North
  • Show the proposed development e.g. extension, garage, access alterations, etc.

Elevation Drawings (existing and proposed)

  • Drawn to a scale of 1:50 or 1:100 and include a scale bar
  • Show the proposed works in relation to what is already there, where possible, the proposed building materials and the style, materials and finish of windows and doors.
  • Where a proposed elevation adjoins another building or is in close proximity, the drawings should clearly show the relationship between the buildings, and detail the positions of the openings on each property.

Floor Plans (existing and proposed)

  • Drawn to a scale of 1:50 or 1:100 and include a scale bar
  • Where existing buildings or walls are to be demolished these should be clearly shown.
  • Show details of the existing building(s) as well as those for the proposed development.
  • New buildings should also be shown in context with adjacent buildings (including property numbers where applicable).

Section Plans / Levels (existing and proposed)

Required for detached buildings, showing finished floor levels above a fixed datum point e.g. a manhole cover and extensions within flood zones 2 and 3.

  • Drawn to a scale of 1:50 or 1:100 and include a scale bar

Ecology Report

Required if works are proposed which may affect protected species or habitats.

Bat survey required if works are proposed in loft spaces or outbuildings, within Bat Consultation Zones, rural areas or in close proximity to a woodland or watercourse.

Flood Risk Assessment (FRA)

Required for development in Flood Zone 2 and 3 or works within 8m of a main river.

Applicants should refer to the National Flood Risk Standing Advice and Local Flood Risk Standing Advice.

Heritage Statement

Required for works within a Conservation Area, works adjacent or to a Listed Building, Scheduled Ancient Monument or having archaeological implications.

Archaeological Assessment

Required for developments in areas of high archaeological potential.

Design and Access Statement

Required for Listed Buildings or if in a Conservation Area, and should include a Heritage Asset Statement.

Tree Survey / Report

Required for works involving a tree that is subject to a Tree Preservation Order, to a tree within a Conservation Area or where works potentially affect the health or survival of a tree on the site or adjoining land. A tree survey should be to the standard within BS 5837:2012 Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction.


If your house is a Listed Building you may need to apply for Listed Building Consent. You can find this out by using our Interactive Mapping system.

  • Go to Interactive Mapping Online, (link below) and launch the service.
  • Enter your address or postcode in the "Search for an Address" box and click on the Search button.
  • Select your address in the list.
  • Your property will be shown on the map.
  • In the Map Legend, click the box next to Conservation (click on the triangle next to the word Conservation to see the key). This will display Conservation Areas, Listed Buildings and Tree Preservation orders on the map (please note that you may need to zoom out)
  • To find out other information near your property, select another option on the Map Legend, then click on the map.

Click here to launch Interactive Mapping 

Further information and application forms can be found on our  Listed Building Consent Application page.

If you are looking to demolish a building in a conservation area please view our Conservation Areas page.

Please note that you should complete a Full Application and not the Householder Application form if your application relates to any of the following:

  • any works relating to a flat
  • applications to change the number of dwellings (conversions into flats or building a separate house in the garden)
  • changes of use to part or all of the property to non-residential (including business uses)
  • anything outside the garden of the property (including stables if in a separate paddock)

For further information on the Notification for Prior Approval for a Proposed Larger Home Extension please click on this link.

If you are not clear whether you need to apply for planning permission or which application form you should be using, please contact Sedgemoor District Council.

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