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Premises Licences (Gambling Act 2005)

The Council is responsible for licensing premises that offer facilities for gambling.

You will need a premises licence if you want to run any of the following types of premises. There are five types of premises licences:

  • Casino premises licence
  • Bingo premises licence
  • Betting premises licence, including tracks and premises used by betting intermediaries
  • Adult gaming centres (for category B3, C and D gaming machines)
  • Family entertainment centres (for category C and D gaming machines)

If you want to run an unlicensed family entertainment centre you can apply for a permit instead. Unlicensed family entertainment centres can only have category D gaming machines.  

The Gambling Commission, which is an independent non-department public body sponsored by the Department for Culture Media and Sport, regulates commercial gambling and is responsible for issuing and enforcing licences for operators and personal licences.  The Commission also provides guidance and advice to local authorities, the trade and the government on commercial gambling. 

To apply for a premises licence you must:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • If applying on behalf of a company or partnership be authorised to make such an application
  • Hold or have applied for an operator's licence from the Gambling Commission for that gambling activity (except in the case of track betting when the premises licence holder may not be the person offering the gambling)

Applications must be made in the relevant form and for new applications, provisional statements and variations to the layout of a premises with an existing licence a plan must be supplied.  The application must also be accompanied by the fee.

You must serve a notice of the application on each responsible authority.

The application must be advertised and there is a 28 day consultation period which runs from the day when the application is received by the Council.  You need to place a notice on the premises, or on the site of the premises if it has not been constructed, in a location that can be clearly read by the public at all times and it must be displayed for the entire 28 day consultation period.  If the premises has a frontage of more than 50 metres a notice must be displayed every 50 metres around the frontage of the premises.

Each premises licence issued by the Council will be subject to the mandatory or default conditions associated with that gambling activity. Mandatory conditions cannot be removed or changed in any way but if you are applying for a new licence you can request in the application to have the default conditions removed from the licence or amended.  If you already have a licence you need to make a variation application to remove or amend the default conditions.


Please see Gambling Act 2005.

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