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Report a Taxi or Taxi Driver Problem

How to complain

If you have a problem with a taxi or taxi driver's behaviour, or you believe a vehicle to be unlicensed, please report it immediately using the contact details below.

If you want to complain about a taxi or private hire company because you are unhappy with the fare, quality of vehicle, driving or behaviour of the driver or any other issue, you can complain directly to the driver or company. If you've already tried this and are not happy with the result, you can complain to The Licensing Unit at Sedgemoor District Council.

You must explain in detail what went wrong, stay calm, and stick to the facts.

Operators have a duty to record any complaints, including keeping details of actions taken following a complaint. 

It will help us if you can give details about the driver or vehicle, things like:

  • The driver's name or licence badge number - found on display in the vehicle and on the badge which should be worn by the driver.
  • The vehicle's plate number - Found on the outside of the vehicle ( front and rear) and on the windscreen.
  • The vehicle's registration number.
  • Record the Date, Time and location of the incident.
  • Please provide clear details of what has happened, it may not be possible to investigate when not enough information has been provided.

What happens after you complain?

  • We will fully investigate the allegation and interview the driver where appropriate. Remember unsubstantiated allegations are hard to prove.
  • Should there prove to be a case to answer, the driver may have to attend a licensing panel. The panel has the option to consider suspending or revoking the Licence.
  • If the case progresses further, you will be asked to provide a witness statement.
  • If the police are dealing with an incident, we usually wait until the police investigation is completed before we make further enquires.

We aim to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation at all times.  To see how we handle personal information, please ensure that you have read our Privacy Notice.

If you are not satisfied with the way your personal information is handled please contact the Data Protection Officer at

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