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Personal Licences

The personal licence is designed to ensure that anybody running or managing a business that sells or supplies alcohol will do so in a professional fashion. Once you receive your personal licence, you can act as the designated premises supervisor for any business that sells or supplies alcohol.

Applying for a Personal Licence

Regardless of where you work, you should apply for your personal licence from the Local Authority for the place where you normally live - this may be different to the Authority for the place where you work.

In order to apply for a Personal Licence, you must be aged 18 years or over, and must hold an accredited qualification such as, a BII Level II examination certificate or a similar accredited qualification such as the EDI NCPLH level 2 qualification.  The aim of the qualification is to ensure that licence holders are aware of licensing law and the wider social responsibilities involved in the sale of alcohol. Please see the list of  accredited Personal Licence qualification providers. You will also need to provide a basic criminal conviction disclosure form. This can be applied for online at  Disclosure Scotland.

When you have the pass certificate from the course and your Criminal Record Bureau Disclosure you should submit these together with two photos (one suitably endorsed that it is a true likeness of you), and the forms (the application for a personal licence to sell alcohol form and the disclosure of convictions and declaration form) together with the fee of £37 to the Council.

For all Personal Licence applications made on or after 6 April 2017, licensing authorities will be required to check the eligibility to work for all those individuals applying and are under a duty not to issue licences to individuals who do not have the required immigration permission to work in a licensable activity. You will therefore also need to provide evidence of your eligibility to work as detailed on the application form shown below.

The application can then be processed and assuming there are no problems with the application a personal licence and badge will be issued to you; the licence will last indefinitely.

If you move address, change your name or you are convicted of a relevant offence (including drink related offences) the issuing authority must be notified. Please complete the form below.

There is a £10.50 charge to replace lost personal licences and to administer the above changes.

On 1 April 2015 the requirement for Personal Licence Holders to renew their licence annually was removed and these licences now last indefinitely. Licences will not be reissued and you should retain your existing licence. However, if you wish to have the expiry date removed and the card re-issued there is a charge of £10.50.

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