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Acupuncture, Piercing, Electrolysis and Tattoo Registration

It is necessary for both the premises used for the piercing, and the person carrying out the piercing, to be registered with Sedgemoor District Council.

Sedgemoor District Council has adopted the terms of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982 relating to skin piercing. This covers body piercing, tattooing, acupuncture, electrolysis and micro-pigmentation.

It is necessary for both the premises used for the piercing and the person carrying out the piercing to be registered with the Council. Forms for this can be downloaded here. There is an exemption from registration for acupuncture if it is carried out by a registered GP

One question frequently asked is, "At what age can a person request piercing/tattooing?"

There is no specific legislation covering this aspect. However any piercing of male or female genital organs, including female breasts, carried out on a child under the age of 16 years would be regarded as an indecent assault because children of that age cannot give consent to such activities. The Tattooing of Minors Act 1969 makes it an offence to tattoo anyone under the age of 18 years.

These issues are enforced by the Police.

Where piercing is not prohibited by the above legislation it is in any case recommended that parental consent be obtained in writing in the case of persons under the age of 18 years. Proof of age should be sought if there is any uncertainty.

It is recommended that clients be encouraged to bring a friend for moral support and to prevent misunderstandings or allegations of impropriety, especially in the case of genital piercings.

Further information is available here:  Icon for pdf Skin Piercing Registration [13.38KB]

Piercing Individual Registration [93.84KB] Skin Piercing Bylaws [186.74KB] Premises Registration Piercing [93.68KB]