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Advice and information on accredited landlords, affordable housing development, energy and fuel, Homefinder Somerset, homelessness, housing assistance, private sector housing policies and strategies, mortgages and rent.

Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing is provided to help people who cannot afford to buy or rent homes on the open market. The homes remain affordable to subsequent occupiers in the future. These homes can be provided by the Council, Housing Association some private landlords and increasingly, direct from house builders.

Homelessness and Housing Advice

Sedgemoor District Council offers a wide range of housing advice for everyone who needs it. We will do our best to help whether you are a tenant, home owner, a landlord or have no home of your own.

Homes in Sedgemoor

The Arms Length Management Organisation (ALMO) Homes in Sedgemoor provides housing in Sedgemoor Disttict.

Housing policies and strategies

View Sedgemoor District Council's Private Sector Housing policy and the Sedgemoor Housing Strategy.

Keeping you and your family safe from fires

Fire safety advice for homeowners, landlords and tenants.

Mortgage & rent arrears

Mortgage and rent payments are priority because if you do not pay these, you could be in danger of losing your home.

Rent collection

Homes in Sedgemoor are now responsible for the collection of rent arrears.

Somerset West Landlord and Tenant Services (SWeLT) Scheme

The Somerset West Landlord and Tenant Services (SWeLT) Scheme has been set up to assist Private Sector Landlords, Tenants and Owners across the three Council districts of Sedgemoor, Taunton Deane and West Somerset.