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Full list of additional Lifeline service options

Lifeline optional extras 

DescriptionCharge per week
Second pendant£0.50
Smoke detector£0.30
Carbon Monoxide detector    £0.50
Fall detector£0.50
Bed occupancy detector£0.80
Pill dispenser£1.00
Chair occupancy sensor£1.10
Heat detector£0.40
Flood detector£0.40
Temperature extreme sensor£0.40
Epilepsy sensor£1.80
Enuresis sensor£0.80
DDA pager solution£1.40
Bogus caller check£0.30
Universal sensor£0.40

Call out charges

Full response servicefree (up to 5 call outs per year)
Full response excess callout£50.00 per extra callout
Essential service£100.00 per call out

Care Calls

When a vunerable person begins to need help managing their health, they sometimes feel less independent and confident. Care Calls help maintain dignity and sense of control, providing daily structure and healthy habits.

Imagine knowing that all is well with a family member without having to ask and you would know he or she is taking medication on time, eaten breakfast etc without having to remind them.

Care Calls offer you peace of mind.

The reason Care Calls are so successful is because we utilise a piece of technology that everyone knows and is available in almost every home - a Telephone. 

Care Calls are ideal for reminding people to do important things eg eaten breakfast, taken tablets, locking doors etc.

Our Care Calls cost £1.00 per call.

Key Safes

A key safe is a strong mechanical metal box which securely stores the key to your door. It is installed onto brick or concrete outside of your property and your keys are accessed by a combination code.

The combination code will only be known to you and anyone who needs to access your property. It allows your door key to be retrieved so your property can be accessed quickly in an emergency. It's even handy if you lock yourself out.

A key safe is available to anyone in the Sedgemoor area.

Key safes are supplied and fitted for £30 inclusive.

NB: VAT may apply to some charges - contact us for more details.