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Access, safety and repairs

Access to grave

Sometimes we may need to access a grave next to your for a burial, If we do we may need to place soil on the grave. The grave will be boarded over and the soil placed on top. This will last no more than a few days and after the funeral, we clean the grave and leave the area neat and tidy.

On very rare occasions we may have to remove memorials so we can access a grave. If this happened we take full responsibility for replacing your memorial in safe, clean condition after the funeral.

Safety checks and repairs

To make sure the cemeteries are a safe place for visitors and staff we need to carry out safety checks on memorials. If your memorial is unstable, we will contact the registered owner the repairs that are required or if the registered owner is deceased then a notice will be placed on the headstone asking for the family to contact us. You are responsible for keeping your memorial in a safe condition and if repair is not carried out within a reasonable time we can take action to make it safe. Sedgemoor District Council are currently memorial testing in Bristol Road and Quantock Road Cemeteries, Icon for pdf Public Notice QR and BR [210.82KB]      Icon for pdf Failed memorials [230.1KB]

Unfortunately vandalism does happen in cemeteries. We will prosecute anyone caught causing vandalism but we cannot be held liable for any damage caused.  We strongly recommend you insure your memorial - your stonemason can advise you about this.

Repairs and cleaning must be carried out by a stone mason listed on either the British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons (BRAMM) or National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM RQMF). You should apply for permission before work is carried out by contacting us on 01278 435483 or emailing

Please make sure that you tell us if you change address. If there is a problem with the grave or memorial and we can't contact you, we can act to put the problem right. If there is a cost for taking action we may ask you to pay us back before you can make any new burials or changing a memorial.