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Budget Consultation
Budget Consultation

Sedgemoor District Council wants you to have your say in how the Council should spend your Council Tax.

Take part in our Budget Consultation and you could win £100!

Street naming and numbering

Sedgemoor District Council manages the naming of streets and the numbering or naming of properties within a street.

To report damaged or missing street name plates, please contact us using the telephone number at the bottom of the page, or  online.

Streets that are created as a result of a new building development are given names with the consultation of the relevant Town or Parish Council.

Sedgemoor District Council are responsible for maintaining a street gazetteer for its area including postcodes approved by the Royal Mail.                                                                                           

If your home has a number associated with it, you can also add a name to your property address. This would be as well as the number, not instead of; for instance: Rose Cottage, 4 Upper Street. You do not need to contact us to do this but you must make sure the proposed name does not conflict with an existing property name in that locality. 

Permission need only be sought from the Council if there is not a number allocated in the official address.

Please note that charges apply for house numbering changes, please contact us to apply.

Developing a single property/small development - How do I number properties?

How do I rename my house?

Application for naming of: New dwellings, subdivision of existing properties, new streets, and re-numbering of development sites. [358.61KB] Application form the re-naming of a property or street. [292.88KB] Street Naming Policy [156.44KB] Somerset County Council