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Request to speak at a Committee meeting

If you would like to request to speak at a Sedgemoor District Council Committee Meeting or Full Council Meeting, please fill out the following form.

Please note:  For Development Committee, speakers need to have registered with Democratic Services by 12 noon on the Monday before the Meeting (unless a bank holiday, in which case they must be registered by the preceding Friday).  For other meetings you must register by 12 noon two clear days before the meeting.

This form will be sent to Democratic Services, who will contact you shortly.

  1. Meeting Details
    1. Which meeting would you like to speak at? (e.g. Full Council, Development Committee)*
    2. Meeting date*
    3. To check the meeting date, please see the Committee Meetings page linked to at the bottom of this page.

    4. Agenda item or planning application number that you would like to speak on.
  2. Your details
    1. Title
    2. Forename*
    3. Initials
    4. Surname*
    5. Company name, if applicable
    6. Home Phone*
    7. Work Phone
    8. Mobile Phone
    9. E-mail Address*
    10. Please double check your e-mail address.
    11. House Number/Name
    12. Street Name*
    13. Village/Locality
    14. Town/City*
    15. County
    16. Country
    17. Post Code*
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