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Christmas and New Year in Sedgemoor

Sedgemoor District Council will remain open for business as usual during the holiday period on all days except bank holidays.

Revised rubbish and recycling collection days are available here: Christmas & New Year Waste Collections


Procurement policy statement

Procurement is the process by which Sedgemoor District Council buys in goods, services, works or other assets. The process used is consistent with the Councils corporate objectives, policies and external Financial Regulations and Legislation.

Procurement of goods and services policy statement

Sedgemoor District Council always seeks to obtain best value by evaluating the total costs of goods and services. This includes reviewing issues such as warranties and maintenance costs as part of any decision making process.

Electronic procurement policy statement

Sedgemoor District Council supports the move to electronic procurement and will adopt this way of working where it is shown to offer best value. Where practicable Sedgemoor District Council will obtain quotations, place orders and process payments by electronic means.

Economic development policy statement

Sedgemoor District Council recognises that its external expenditure can impact on the economy of the District and the wider County. In reaching its decisions we will consider the affect of these decisions in terms of local employment and the support of the local economy.

Environmental and equalities issues policy statement

The Council recognises the positive impact it can have in these areas and makes an assessment of these areas as part of the procurement process.

Updated January 2009