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The Affordable Housing Team

Sedgemoor District Council has a small team dedicated to the delivery of new affordable housing. The team has overseen significant improvements in affordable housing provision in recent years, with a record number of new homes delivered across Sedgemoor in the past few years.

The team is part of the Council's forward looking Strategy & Business Service - this section is responsible for developing and implementing many of the Council's key strategies and policies, strategies such as Sedgemoor's Core Strategy and the Council's Economic Master Plan. Affordable housing is developed in such a way to compliment the Council's wider Community Strategy.

The team is lead by Duncan Harvey, Affordable Housing Policy and Development Manager. He is supported by Deborah Jull and Esther Carter, Housing Project Development Officers.

Duncan Harvey - Housing Development Manager, leads on:            

  • Developing new affordable housing strategy and policy, including our Affordable Housing Delivery Plan
  • Negotiating affordable housing packages associated with strategic and local plan qualifying sites
  • Project inception on smaller, non qualifying sites
  • Programme management of the affordable housing agenda
  • Funding applications to the Homes and Community Agency and such organisations

Deborah Jull - Housing Project Development Officer

Esther Carter- Housing Project Development Officer

The team would be delighted to hear from anyone with land or proposals they feel might be able to allow affordable housing to come forward, including land owners or their agents, housing providers, parish councils and community groups.