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Severe Weather in Sedgemoor

Please stay safe during the wintry conditions affecting the area. Advice and information on coping with the situation is available here: Severe cold weather information

Register a Food Business with Environmental Health

Registration of a food business is free and you can trade as soon as we have received your registration form. This form should also be used to keep us up to date with changes of ownership, address and food handling activities.

Register your food business using our apply online service.  You should register up to 28 days before you want to start trading.  However, if you are still at the planning stage for your business and have not decided when you will start trading please wait until you have an expected opening date for your business before registering.

  1. Business Details
    1. This registration is for:
    2. If the business is already trading, please supply the date it started.

    3. If you are registering a mobile trading establishment, please provide the address it is kept at.
  2. Applicant Details
  3. Label