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Car Park Season Tickets

Car park season tickets can be applied for online, by calling Sedgemoor Direct or writing to Customer Services at Bridgwater House, King Square, Bridgwater, TA6 3AR.

A season ticket can have a maximum of two car registration numbers. If there is any change to the registration numbers, please inform us via one of the contact options above.

Season tickets should be displayed on the car windscreen or dashboard.  Clear plastic wallets are available on request, to hold the season ticket securely to the car windscreen.  Only the original season ticket is valid and any car displaying a copy will receive a penalty charge notice. The Council reserves the right to withdraw a season ticket if the holder does not adhere to the conditions of use.

If you need to use a replacement car for a few days, please contact Sedgemoor Direct for a temporary permit.

Please allow 2 working days for your season tickets to be prepared. They are only valid for the following long stay car parks:


  • Blake (Northgate)
  • Eastover Shoppers (Barclay Street)
  • Market Street
  • Mount Street (East & West)
  • Northgate


  • Discount car park (Berrow Road)
  • High Street (Lynton Road)
  • Oxford Street
  • Pier Street (East & South)


  • Church Street
  • Cliff Street


  • Bank Street

Reserved Space Season Tickets

These are available for the following car parks in Bridgwater.  They are the same price as ordinary season tickets but are only valid for a particular space:

  • Mount Street South
  • Queen Street 

Vehicles are parked entirely at the owner's risk and subject to orders and regulations.

Cost of Season Tickets

  • Annual £720
  • Quarterly £200

The Council offers a discount if several season tickets are bought in a single transaction, as below-

Number of ticketsDiscount
1 - 4nil
5 - 95%
10 - 1910%
20 - 3920%
40 - 6930%
70 - 9940%

Residents Season Tickets

Residents living within 200 m of a long-stay car park can buy a residents season ticket for the long-stay car park nearest to their home.   This type of season ticket can only contain one car registration number. Applicants need to show they are the registered keeper of the vehicle and it is registered at their address.

Cost of Residents season tickets:

  • Annual - £360
  • Quarterly - £100


Apply for a new Parking Permit

Renew a Parking Permit

Change vehicle registration on a Parking Permit

Cancel a Parking Permit

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