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Car parking in Sedgemoor

For a full list of car parks, location plans and parking rates within Sedgemoor, please download the relevant file below. If you require further information or would like to report a problem or fault with our car park equipment, please contact us.

The car parking service aims to:

  • Provide safe and clean car parks and promote a positive image of the district
  • Encourage short-term shopper and business parking for the benefit of the local economy
  • Provide a reasonable return on the Council's investment in car parks for the benefit of the Council tax payer

To help achieve these aims, we inspect every car park for defects six times in a year and carry out repairs within two months.  The Civil Enforcement Officers check the ticket machines on each visit.  The Council reviews charges annually. 

Drivers with a disability

Cars displaying a blue badge are exempt from parking charges. Designated spaces for blue badge holders are available in all car parks.

Off street parking

Sedgemoor District Council operates a number of pay and display car parks throughout the District.  Please note, caravans and lorries over 7.5 tonnes may not use car parks provided by the Council.  Customers have the option to pay parking charges by using the 'phone and pay' cashless parking system.  Full details on the side of parking ticket machines or via the following link: Phone and Pay.

The current charges for this service are:

Optional stay extension10p
Optional end of stay warning text10p
Optional confirmation text10p
Initial Parking14p

On street parking

Somerset County Council manages parking on the streets throughout the county and enforces on street parking regulations. 

Parking enforcement

Sedgemoor District Council employs Somerset County Council to enforce parking regulations in car parks. The County Council, through its service provider NSL Ltd, will issue penalty charge notices to motorists who break parking rules.

The parking penalty charge levels have been set at £70 for higher-level contraventions (for example parking on double yellow lines) and £50 for a lower-level contraventions (for example parking too long on a limited waiting bay). These charges are set by national legislation and are subject to a 50% discount if paid within 14 days.

If you have a query about a penalty charge notice or a complaint about parking enforcement (on-street or in Sedgemoor-owned car parks) please contact:

Telephone: 0300 123 2224 for telephone payments and enquiries

Post: Somerset Parking Partnership, Somerset County Council, County Hall, Taunton, TA1 4DY


Sedgemoor District Council does not issue penalty notices and therefore all contact needs to be made via one of the above methods.

Residents' season tickets

Residents who live within walking distance of a long stay car park can buy a residents' season ticket.  They cost £360 for an annual ticket, or £100 for a quarterly ticket. See  Car Park Season Tickets for details.

Season tickets

Season tickets are available for the majority of long stay car parks in the district of Sedgemoor, see the car park Season ticket webpage for details. Annual season tickets cost £720 and quarterly season tickets cost £200. See  Car Park Season Tickets for details.

Temporary parking/Access needs

Sedgemoor District Council can arrange temporary parking/access in car parks near specific properties. For example, for builders wanting to place skips, or requests for no parking in a particular area to create access to yards/gardens backing onto Council owned car parks. Please contact us for further information or to make a request.

Snow and Ice in Car Parks

The Council does not carry out precautionary gritting of Council-owned car parks but will take reasonable action to ensure they are safe to use, depending on resources available. Priority will be given to the car park entrances and access routes used by a high number of pedestrians. Depending on the extent and severity of the weather event, some low-priority car parks may not be cleared for several days. Clearance of any car park will not start until the adjoining highway is clear to allow vehicular access.

Drivers are responsible for the safe movement of their vehicles and should drive with care when using the car parks during icy or snowy conditions. Pedestrians and drivers need to make their own assessment as to whether a car park is safe to use.

If gritting is undertaken, priority will be given to the following car parks:

  • Mount Street East and West, Bridgwater
  • Dampiet Street, Bridgwater
  • Oxford Street, Burnham-on-Sea
  • Pier Street West, Burnham-on-Sea
  • Church Street, Cheddar

Car park locations


Icon for pdf Bridgwater Car Park Locations and Charges [306.99KB] :

Eastover & St. John St. Shoppers
Mount Street (East)
Mount Street (West)
Eastover Short Stay
Market Street
Dampiet Street
Eastover Park




TA6 5JS 

Icon for pdf Burnham-on-Sea Car Park Locations and Charges [128.55KB] :

High Street
Oxford Street
Pier Street East
Pier Street South
Pier Street West
Discount car park 





Icon for pdf Cheddar Car Park Locations and Charges [80.64KB] :

Church Street
Cliff Street




BS27 3NZ
BS27 3PS

Icon for pdf Highbridge Car Park Locations and Charges [60.01KB] :

Bank Street






Northgate, Bridgwater car park

Northgate car park in Bridgwater will close on Monday 7th November until winter 2017 to allow Wessex Water to construct a storm-water storage tank. This essential work will reduce the volume of storm water discharged to the River Parrett and will ultimately improve the water quality at Burnham-on-Sea. For more information on the project please visit Wessex Water - Burnham-on-Sea bathing water improvements.

Alternative public parking is available Mount Street East and West, Dampiet Street, Eastover Shoppers (long stay), Eastover Short Stay and Market Street car parks. Resident's season tickets and concession permits for Northgate car park will be valid in all other Bridgwater car parks for the duration of the works.

Car parking Annual Report 2016-17 [1.21MB] Off-Street Car Park Order 2013 [12.69MB] Car Park Season Tickets