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How to object to a licensing application

Objections may be made for new applications. This page describes how to submit your comments.

Objections can be made in respect of applications for new licences or variations to existing licences regarding the following:

  • Premises Licenses under the Licensing Act 2003
  • Club Premises Certificates under the Licensing Act 2003
  • Premises Licenses under the Gambling Act 2005

A list of recent licence applications together with the closing date for each applications can be viewed on the recent applications page.

Who can  make representations to a licence application?

1) For applications under the Licensing Act 2003, a Responsible Authority or an "other person" may lodge a representation, by writing to the licensing Unit or Email:  before the closing date for objections. You must provide your full name and address and grounds for the objection.

There is no definition of "other person" however the representations must be relevant to the application and relate to one or more of these four licensing objectives:

  1. The prevention of crime and disorder
  2. Public safety
  3. The prevention of nuisance
  4. The protection of children from harm

Objections that are frivolous, vexatious or repetitive cannot be accepted.

2) For applications under the Gambling Act 2005 you must live sufficiently close to the premises to be likely to be affected by the authorised activities, have business interests that might be affected by the authorised activities, or represents persons who satisfy these conditions to be able to object.

Objections to gambling premises applications must relate to one or more of these three licensing objectives:

  1. Preventing gambling from being a source of crime or disorder, being associated with crime or disorder or being used to support crime
  2. Ensuring that gambling is conducted in a fair and open way
  3. Protecting children and other vulnerable persons from being harmed or exploited by gambling.

How to object to a licence application

If you wish to object to an application for a licence, you must put your objection in writing or Email and send it to the Licensing Unit.

You must include the following information:

  • Your name and signature
  • Your address details
  • The date you wrote the letter
  • The application that you are opposed to
  • The reasons why you are opposed to the application

Interested parties to note

In line with the Government's Guidance whereby applicants are encouraged to enter a dialogue with objectors, your contact details will be made available to applicants.

The Council may publish your comments on the internet including your name and address. We will redact personal email addresses, telephone numbers and signatures from documents posted on the internet.

As you will appreciate the Council has potential liability (as do you yourself) for libellous or offensive comments and the Council therefore reserves the right in these circumstances to redact anything that we consider to be potentially libellous or offensive. 


Personal Data will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act. We will only use the information for the purpose of dealing with and considering the relevant application. Your responsibilities are to:

Only provide personal information if you are happy for it to be placed in the public domain, including publication on the internet.

  • Do not include personal information about another third party (including family members) unless you have told the individual concerned and they consent to it being supplied and you can provide evidence of this consent.
  • Do not include any comment that is defamatory or offensive. The Council reserves the right not to display such representations but you remain personally and legally responsible for them.

Tell us as soon as possible if any of the personal information you have provided should change.

It must be noted that any objection received, including your contact details, will form part of a public document that will be available to the applicant.

A form has been produced to help people who want to make an objection and this can be downloaded below.

We aim to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation at all times.  To see how we handle personal information, please ensure that you have read our Privacy Notice.

If you are not satisfied with the way your personal information is handled please contact the Data Protection Officer at

pdf Representations form [225.28KB]