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Christmas and New Year in Sedgemoor

Sedgemoor District Council will remain open for business as usual during the holiday period on all days except bank holidays.

Revised rubbish and recycling collection days are available here: Christmas & New Year Waste Collections


The role of the Pollution Team

There are several ways in which we get involved as described below.

The Planning Development Process

As well as developing and implementing the Contaminated Land Strategy, the Environmental Protection Team continually manage contaminated or potentially contaminated land through the planning and development process.

The Team are consulted by the Planning Authority on planning applications where there may be a pollutant linkage and we recommend that conditions are required of the developer to ensure both human health and the environment are protected.

When a site is being developed, the Environmental Protection Team may carry out site visits and will check validation reports to ensure the land has been remediated so that it is safe to be occupied

The Team have a number of other roles in relation to contaminated land.

Pollution Incidents

We investigate instances of contaminated land that are brought to our attention because of a pollution incident .If a problem is found to exist (that meets the definition under the Environmental Protection Act 1990), we can require those responsible to undertake remediation to prevent ongoing contamination and remove risks to human health or the environment. Common types of incident are oil or chemical spills, which may involve ensuring properties are safe to be occupied and the drinking water supply, waste water disposal and home produce are safe and satisfactory.

Help and guidance

We provide advice and guidance and work with property developers in order to ensure that they are aware of the requirements under the legislation. We provide general advice to householders on contaminated land issues.

Contaminative Use and Contamination Searches

We provide information to property purchasers on past land uses and pollution incidents that may be associated with a piece of land. Information can be provided on pollution incidents, complaints and historical uses from GIS maps for potentially contaminative land uses such as

  • historic wells and pumps
  • fuel storage sites
  • industrial processes
  • agricultural uses
  • railway sites
  • waste disposal sites

This service incurs a charge. Please see the  Icon for pdf Scale of Charges 2018-19 [704.86KB]

How to report a contamination problem

If you are a member of the public or a business, and would like to report a contaminated land incident you can call us on the number below, or make contact online here: Report contamination of land.