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Severe Weather in Sedgemoor

Please stay safe during the wintry conditions affecting the area. Advice and information on coping with the situation is available here: Severe cold weather information

Contaminated Land Strategy

Part II A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 provides the legislative framework for the management of contaminated land.

Under this framework, Sedgemoor District Council (as an enforcing authority) has certain obligations.

These are to:­ 

  • Inspect the district and identify any contaminated land
  • Establish responsibility for the remediation of contaminated land
  • Ensure any necessary remediation takes place, either by agreement or enforcement action
  • Determine liability for the cost of any remediation.

In order to fulfil the obligations under the legislation, Local Authorities publish Contaminated Land Strategies. 

Sedgemoor District Council is currently reviewing its strategy and it will be published on the website when the review is complete.

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