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Report a nuisance

If you have a complaint about nuisance try to speak to the person responsible for it first. Explain why it is disturbing you and ask them politely to do something that is reasonable for you both. Try to keep calm and reasonable.

How to complain

If there is no improvement in the situation then please contact the Environmental Protection Team using the contact details at the bottom of this page, or online here:  Report a nuisance - noise or other pollution

We will normally recommend that you keep nuisance record sheets detailing duration, frequency and effect of the noise. These will provide evidence for further and possibly legal action.

A copy of the record sheets can be obtained by contacting us and we can ensure this is the best way forward for your specific problem. The log sheets should be filled out for a period of time to help us establish some information about the problems you are experiencing.

Further information about Environmental Health issues can be obtained from some of the following sites:

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