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Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing is provided to help people who cannot afford to buy or rent homes on the open market. The homes remain affordable to subsequent occupiers in the future. These homes can be provided by the Council, Housing Association some private landlords and increasingly, direct from house builders.

Affordable Housing Options

Affordable housing is best described as housing provided at prices below the prevailing market value for people who are unable to find a suitable home on the open market (primarily due to its price). Affordable housing can be provided on a rental or Homeownership basis.

Affordable Housing Delivery Plan 2012 - 2014

Affordable Housing Delivery Plan for 2012-14

Towns and villages we are currently working in

This page provides information on areas we are currently working to deliver new affordable housing. This section will help you keep track of what affordable housing development activity is happening in your community. Click on the green village name for more information. If you are in need of affordable housing please ensure you are registered on Homefinder Somerset -

Current and completed affordable housing projects

This page provides information on current and completed affordable housing projects in Sedgemoor.

The Affordable Housing Team

Sedgemoor District Council has a small team dedicated to the delivery of new affordable housing. The team has overseen significant improvements in affordable housing provision in recent years, with a record number of new homes delivered across Sedgemoor in the past few years.

Complete the questionnaire to apply for Affordable Housing

A Housing Needs Survey will highlight local demand for both affordable housing and other forms of housing. Affordable housing is for local people who are unable to rent or buy accommodation on the open market. Please complete the online form below if you would like to express an interest in affordable housing.

Published Rural Housing Needs Assessments

Sedgemoor District Council carry out Housing Need Assessments in rural areas to find out what future housing provision might be required. We feel it is important that all parish residents should have a say in the size and type of housing required in their Parish.

Sedgemoor's Development Partners

The following Housing Associations have partnered with Sedgemoor District Council to deliver new Affordable Housing across the Sedgemoor area. They are known as Registered Providers.

Advice For Developers

When negotiating Affordable Housing as part of residential development, the Council will have regard to its new Core-Strategy, which was formally adopted in October 2011.

Sedgemoor Affordable Housing Delivery Plan 2012 - 2014 [4.27MB] Homelessness and Housing Advice Help to Buy South West Communities and Local Government Homes and Communities Agency