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Christmas and New Year in Sedgemoor

Sedgemoor District Council will remain open for business as usual during the holiday period on all days except bank holidays.

Revised rubbish and recycling collection days are available here: Christmas & New Year Waste Collections


After the decision has been made

If your application has recently been determined that may not mean the end of the process. You may wish to appeal against a decision, apply for non-material minor amendments, apply for removal, variation of, or discharge conditions.

If you have been given permission subject to conditions these may require discharging prior to development commencing.

If you do not agree with the decision you have been given you can Appeal against a decision to the Planning Inspectorate.

If permission has been granted and you wish to make minor alterations to the scheme i.e. resizing of a window, you can apply for a non-material minor amendment.

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Discharge of Conditions

The majority of planning permissions have conditions attached. Some conditions require approval by the council before any development takes place, others can be discharged during the course of the development. All conditions relating to a planning permission can be viewed on the decision notice.

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Non-material minor amendments

Following a grant of planning permission, it may be necessary to make amendments to the permission. If the alterations are considered to be 'non-material' then you can apply for a 'non-material amendment' to the original application as set out below.

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Removal or variation of conditions

This application can be used if, under a previous planning permission, a condition was imposed that you wish to be amended or removed entirely.

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Modify or discharge a section 106 Planning Application

Section 106A of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 makes provision for existing planning obligations to be modified or discharged by agreement between the authority and the person or persons by whom the obligation is enforceable.

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