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Sedgemoor District Council is able to provide members of the public who do not speak English with access to professional, qualified telephone interpreters in over 100 languages, 24 hours a day. For more details please see related page on the right side of this page.

Viewing Documents

There are many Council documents available from this website for you to download or view online. Some of the documents are in Microsoft Word format, Planning Application documents are held in TIFF format, however the majority of the documents are in pdf format - created with Adobe Acrobat software. 

If you cannot view a document:

This may be because you do not have the software you need on your computer. The FREE Reader software can be downloaded from the Adobe website: Adobe Reader. This is not a long process and can be completed within minutes. The Acrobat Reader software allows you to open any Adobe Acrobat document (pdf). For TIFF related issues please read the TIFF Viewer Problems page.

If you have any further problems opening any documents on this website, please contact Customer Services.


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There are two types of cookie:

This web site makes use of both permanent cookies and session cookies, but these cookies contain no personal data.

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