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How to use BrowseAloud to listen to the information on our website, re-size the text and navigate the website without a mouse.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

[Adobe Acrobat Reader]
To view PDF files found on this website, you will need to useAdobe Reader. Please visit their website to download this free utility.


BrowseAloud is a tool which allows users who experience difficulties with reading text on websites, or in pdf documents, by reading the contents out to them. Our website is BrowseAloud compatible.

To activate the BrowseAloud panel, click on the button labelled "Listen to this page with BrowseAloud" at the top of any page. Once this has been activated, hovering over text will cause it to be highlighted and read aloud.

For more information on BrowseAloud, please visit the Browsealoud website.

Get Safe Online

[Get Safe Online]
For advice and guidance on safe, secure internet browsing, please visit Get Safe Online.

Resizing the text on this website

The text on this web site can be adjusted to suit the user. To do this, use the AAA at the top of this web page to make the text size normal, medium or large.

Changing the contrast/colour of the text and background

If you find reading the text on this site difficult, you can change the colours of the site by: