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Budget Consultation
Budget Consultation

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Hinkley Deal

Government's confirmation of a 'Hinkley Programme for 2014/15'

Government's confirmation of a 'Hinkley Programme for 2014/15'

Through Council and partner pressure, Ministers from various Government departments requested a 'Hinkley Deal' from local partners in the Autumn 2013. Submitted by the Local Enterprise Partnership last December, the Deal asked for roughly £50m across Business Support, Skills, Employability, Inward Investment, Housing and Transport. 

A substantial package was announced on June 6 2014, reinforcing national support for the project from across several Governmental departments.  Also in the package was 'in kind' support/secondment of expert staff from Government departments.

In summary, the Hinkley Deal for 2014/2015 is under the headings of Business Support; Skills; Employability; Inward Investment; Housing and Transport.

  • £150,000 for the Hinkley Supply chain Enabling Team
  • £1,700,000 for skills, awarded to Bridgwater College
  • Circa £225,000 worth of support from the Manufacturing Advisory Service
  • Specialist advisors from the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre for two days a month in Somerset to provide face to face contact with local businesses under the Fit for Nuclear (F4N) programme.
  • UK Trade and Industry (UKTI)  support for inward investment related activity
  • A secondee from the Skills Funding Agency to work on development of a Hinkley Point Training Agency.
  • £200,000 from Job Centre Plus to provide employability support.
  • A further secondee to EDF's brokerage service to work with local partners.
  • Dedicated expert advice on housing, including the establishment of a Hinkley Enabling and Review Group with the Homes and Communities Agency.

There is on-going dialogue through HSDF on implementation and finance.