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The Chief Executive Office

The Chief Executive, Allison Griffin, is the Head of the paid service and is ultimately responsible for all staff. She is the principal advisor for the Council as a corporate body as well as providing assistance and advice for individual Councillors.

A major role of the Chief Executive is to ensure Senior Managers address new strategies and changes in the law where these are corporate issues.

The Chief Executive has responsibilities in the following areas:

  • Communications
  • Political Structures
  • Member/Officer interface
  • Leader of Council's Liaison Group
  • Somerset Chief Executive Group
  • Corporate Governance
  • Performance Management
  • Health and Safety

The Chief Executive's section is responsible for dealing with Ombudsman's queries as part of the complaints process.

The Strategic Directors

Between them, the two Strategic Directors at Sedgemoor District Council lead, mentor and support its Senior Managers.

  • Doug Bamsey - Strategic Director
  • Bob Brown - Strategic Director

The Directors provide the Authority with strategic management - assisting and supporting the Chief Executive and elected Members in implementing the vision, direction and values of the Authority, working with and through Assistant Directors, Service Managers and Team Leaders. 

The Strategic Directors are involved in leading cross-cutting corporate projects and support elected Members to be effective in their roles. There is a rota to deputise for the Chief Executive if required. Their workload is 40% strategic management; 40% operational management and 20% floating between the two and trouble shooting.

The Strategic Directors also establish and maintain effective external working relationships with key people and organisations within the community, Government and other public bodies. Each Director has a remit of responsibility; geographical area to look after and is assigned to work with various committees and work with the Assistant Directors.

Corporate Relations Manager (press/media officer/PRO)

This area of work has many and varied duties, but the overall strategic role is to research, develop and carry out a public relations strategy for the Council. The main areas of work are:

  • Member of the Strategic Leadership Team
  • Internal Communications
  • Promotion of the corporate image, profile and work of Sedgemoor District Council. Dealing with enquiries about its operations, from both the media and the general public
  • Provide strategic media and PR advice to senior councillors and officers
  • Managing and directing the media handling for all section areas across the Council to provide a professional and high-quality service to journalists
  • Production of corporate publications
  • Act as clearing house for publications.