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Profile and Data

Sedgemoor is a diverse district with a range of neighbourhoods, from urban estates to rural villages and costal retirement homes. There is a vast amount of information, data and engagement evidence within the Council, within the County, regionally and nationally. All it plays a part in determining the impacts our services have on the people who use them, whether directly or indirectly. The information set out below gives an overview of the data and information that we have as a council.

General Profile

The characteristics of Sedgemoor as a district are set out within other pages on the website and included within the Research and Information report below. Please see  Local Area Data for further information.

Equality Information

The Specific Duties require that we publish equality information, in the first instance by 31st January 2012 and at least annually thereafter.

In this first year Sedgemoor has produced a general overview Research and Information report which sets:

  1. General district level data by protected characteristic
  2. Identifies by protected characteristic a number of consultation and research reports identifying the issues and concerns of the particular characteristic - this information has allowed the council to formulate the equality objectives for the council
  3. Identifies performance information and service specific information for the council.

Icon for pdf Annual Equalities Report 2017 [1.83MB]

Engagement and Consultation

The Research and Information report brings together details of the engagement undertaken from a range of sources including locally gathered information, countywide and regional work as well. Working with partners from across the county, we have decided to have a collective webpage hosted by Somerset County Council where all engagement, consultation and research reports can be found in central location. As further work is undertaken and completed, reports will be added as will reports that are at a county, regional and national level.

Workforce Profile

Sedgemoor has always been committed to being open about the profile of our workforce and has reported through the quarterly performance reports (can we build a link in here?) a breakdown of our workforce including total numbers employed, gender split, disability and ethnicity split and information about people leaving the council. With the requirements of Specific Duties, we have expanded the information that has been reported and the attached report gives a broader overview of workforce profile. As with the Equality Information that we have published above, we will refine the profile over the course of 2012.

Icon for pdf Workforce Profile 2017 [351.59KB]
Icon for pdf Workforce Profile 2016 [410.95KB]

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