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Equality Impact Assessments

Impact Assessments help us analyse the effects our policies and practices have on communities, local economic conditions, individuals, vulnerable groups and the environment in one exercise.

What is an equality impact assessment (EIA)?


  • Is a tool for assessing potential or existing impacts on service users and employees.
  • Relates to policies, procedures and functions.
  • Identifies where further action may be required.

Why are we doing them?

An EIA can help you to:

  • Identify and deal with unlawful prohibited conduct under the Equality Act 2010. (Discrimination, harassment, victimisation and the failure to make reasonable adjustments.)
  • Help evaluate and identify the likely impact of proposed changes on different parts of the community and different groups of service users or employees of the council.
  • Improve understanding of customers, communities and their needs.
  • Identify ways of improving services.
  • Improve access to services or benefits.
  • Integrate equality and diversity considerations into the everyday business of the Council and aid service planning.

Assessments done 

Icon for pdf EIA - Annual Leave [99.64KB]
Icon for pdf EIA - Council Tax Support Scheme 2014 [188.63KB]
Icon for pdf EIA - County wide allocation policy [166.4KB]
Icon for pdf EIA - County Wide Housing Framework [18.78KB]
Icon for pdf EIA - Discretionary Housing Payments policy (DHP) [109.74KB]
Icon for pdf EIA - Guidance - February 2014 [480.61KB]
Icon for pdf EIA - Housing Strategy [18.98KB]
Icon for pdf EIA - Out of hours Stray Dogs - August 2013 [136.49KB]
Icon for pdf EIA - Pollution Service Requests - August 2013 [158.41KB]
Icon for pdf EIA - Special leave [115.36KB]