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Sedgemoor Approach

Like all large organisations, we have a number of legal duties. These relate to many areas of our work, including and not least to Equality and Diversity. We also develop our own policies, to help managers and staff deliver services that are not only lawful, but that also try to give each customer a service best suited to their needs. We acknowledge and welcome our legal duties and use legislation, national guidance and our own policies as a framework for improvement.

However, we are not driven only by what the law tells us to do. Our policy and our programme of work is also based on what you have told us is important.

Equality Objectives

Sedgemoor has two Equalities objectives for 2014 onwards. The attached action plan sets out the objectives for the council and the actions and outcomes that the council want to achieve in these objectives. The actions will be monitored and reported widely to demonstrate how we are achieving these objectives.

  Icon for pdf Equalities and Diversity Action Plan 2017-18 [131.53KB]

Statutory Duties

The introduction of the Equality Act 2010 has meant that as a council we don't have to produce Equality schemes as we did under the previous legislation but the Specific Duties that came in on 10th September 2011 means that Sedgemoor has to:

  1. Publish equality information by 31/1/12 and at least annually thereafter - see profile and data.
  2. Publish equality objectives by 6th April 2012 and every 4 years thereafter

Sedgemoor, using the equality information, published have drafted the equality objectives and will be going out for consultation on these in the coming weeks. In order to deliver the objectives a series of actions have been developed that will ensure that the council meets the objectives over the course of the required period.


The council will:

  • Produce quarterly update reports to Senior Management, setting out
    • Progress against our agreed actions.
    • Work undertaken in the previous quarter, continuing to build on the equality information we already.
    • Identification of regional and nationally significant reports, data or information that we should take note of and where necessary action.
  • Work with our Members through the Equalities Working Group to keep them informed on progress, and report back regularly to the Audit and Governance Committee and the Scrutiny committees.
  • Work with our staff through the Staff Forum to monitor progress against actions that are specific to the staff of the Council.