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Connecting Devon & Somerset

Connecting Devon and Somerset has been set up to deliver next generation broadband infrastructure to areas where the market has failed to invest. CDS is a local government-led partnership aimed at drawing on the strengths of each sector to implement a cost efficient plan to bring superfast broadband to Devon and Somerset.

To find out if your business is included in the programme and when you can expect to have access to superfast broadband use the  Postcode checker. Once you have access to superfast broadband you will need to contact your Internet Service Provider (BT, Sky, TalkTalk, etc) to purchase a new superfast broadband package.

Over 100,000 homes and businesses now have access to fibre broadband through the Connecting Devon & Somerset programme. The ambition is to provide superfast broadband speeds of over 24Mbps to all premises in the CDS area by 2020.