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Temporary Road Closures

If you are arranging an event which will take place on a road in Sedgemoor, an application must be submitted to Sedgemoor District Council to arrange a temporary road closure.

This form of road closure is suitable for events where roads need to be closed to ensure public safety due to people occupying the highway.  Such events include street fairs, carol singing and fetes.  If long stretches of road need to be closed to traffic to ensure the safety of the participants in sporting events, such as marathons or cycle races, then this Act is not appropriate and applicants should refer to Somerset County Council.

Please ensure that your application is submitted to Sedgemoor District Council at least eight weeks before the event is scheduled to take place.

As well as the details of the event itself, your application should include a list and map indicating the locations of:

  • road closure signs
  • diversion signs
  • barriers
  • marshals
  • first aid posts


 Details of forthcoming temporary road closures:

Icon for pdf Ashcott Harvest Fayre 08-09-2018 [319.06KB]

Icon for pdf Axbridge Blackberry Carnival 22-09-2018 [455.69KB]

Icon for pdf Plud Street Party 02-09-2018 [345.61KB]

Icon for pdf Burnham Food and Drink Fest 28-10-18 [170.76KB]

Icon for pdf Wedmore by Lamplight 12-12-18 [175.58KB]

Icon for pdf Wedmore Harvest Home 17-08-18 [173.31KB]

Icon for pdf North Petherton Guy Fawkes Carnival 10-11-2018 [1.1MB]

Icon for pdf Burnham on Sea Firework Display 04-11-2018 [727.08KB]


pdf Temporary Road Closure Application Form [775.7KB] arrowRoad closures and road works