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Parish Plans

A Parish Plan is a document that tackles important issues that will influence your neighbourhood in the future. Several parishes in the Sedgemoor area have developed a Parish Plan or are in the process of doing so.

A Parish Plan could deal with anything from ensuring building projects fit in with local character to supporting alternatives to private car use to improving the state of local parks.

The development of the plan will be led by the town or parish council, but must take into account the views of the whole community. The final plan will identify key facilities and services, set out the problems that need to be tackled and show how distinctive character and features can be conserved. It will also include an action plan for the area.

Please find below links to adopted Parish Plans

Ashcott Parish Plan

Axbridge Parish Plan

Berrow Parish Plan

Icon for pdf Puriton Parish Plan [598.05KB]

Spaxton Parish Plan

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