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Review of Countryside around Settlements (2016)

The Council has undertaken a review of the countryside around settlements, a saved policy (CNE4) from the Local Plan 1991-2011.

The Countryside around Settlements or 'Green Wedge, Green Edge and Strategic Gap' policy (CNE4) was previously saved from the Local Plan 1991 - 2011 and has been reviewed in this report. These areas form a key component of the districts Green Infrastructure, as identified in the Green Infrastructure Strategy (2011). This review seeks to assess whether the Green Wedges, Green Edges and Strategic Gaps continue to perform the functions that were set out in the original Local Plan 1991 - 2011 policy, and whether they continue to form a key component of the district's green infrastructure. The draft report has been prepared to inform the Proposed Submission Local Plan and is available to download below.

pdf Review of Countryside around Settlements (2016) [3.12MB]