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PPS1 Supplement Study: Planning and Climate Change (2009)

In September 2009, Sedgemoor District Council, in conjunction with Taunton Deane Borough Council and Somerset County Council, commissioned ARUP to assist in the development of an evidence base on decentralised and renewable or low carbon energy. The study informs energy policies and targets in the district.

The study considered renewable resources within the districts; the potential for implementation of measures towards low energy consumption, and renewable energy within new building developments (both planned urban extensions and regeneration areas); and mechanisms for implementation of low energy consumption and renewable energy within new building developments.

The report highlights that delivery of Government renewable energy generation targets by Taunton Deane and Sedgemoor Districts will be challenging. Much is written on the ability of new build housing and the planning system to facilitate low carbon development but the analysis undertaken for this study suggests that viability concerns are significant and that the councils will need to be pragmatic about what they seek in updated LDF and core strategy policies.

To read the final report, download the document below.

pdf PPS1 Supplement Study: Planning and Climate Change [899.28KB] pdf PPS1 Study: Appendices [1.22MB] pdf PPS1: Figure 2.1 [8.33MB] pdf PPS1: Figure 2.2 [7.9MB] pdf PPS1: Figure 2.3 [6.27MB] pdf PPS1: Figure 4.1 [7.38MB] pdf PPS1: Figure 4.2 [6.39MB] pdf PPS1: Figure 5.3 [6.6MB] pdf PPS1: Figure 5.4 [5.04MB]